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Announcement regarding Groups and CTA on Videos

Mar 18th, 2017 Announcement


Regarding Groups


You might have noticed a lot of failures these past 24 hours (March 17th). We also received reports that users were being logged out of Facebook or even blocked from posting as soon as they posted something. This only occurred with posts to Groups.


To solve this, we're no longer using HTC Sense App for Group Posting. From now on we will simply use the main App, Publer. If you had previously scheduled posts to Groups, you will be asked to re-authenticate, which is a one-time thing. Once you do, your posting should resume normally and you should no longer have issues with future posts.


In order to protect the App from spammers, we're no longer allowing users to post to Public Groups, unless they're admins. We have also updated the Daily Post Limit for Groups. If you noticed, we're stricter on Groups since posts to Groups, especially links, are prone to being reported as spam by other users and that affects directly our App.

  • With the free plan each user can publish up to 10 posts a day per group (no more than 5 links).
  • With Publer Argentum each user can publish up to 30 posts a day per group (no more than 10 links).
  • With Publer Aurum, each user can publish up to 50 posts a day per group (no more than 15 links).


Let us know if you have any questions.



Regarding CTA on Page Videos


As of March 17th, Facebook seems to have disabled the ability to add a Call-to-Action link on Page Videos, which is why we have removed this Superpower.


This change seems by design and probably final since it also affects Videos with CTA created using Facebook's own Power Editor tool. Most likely this change occurred because users were abusing this functionality and were creating an unfriendly environment for other users. 


Keep in mind that you can still add a link to your Video Ads. We will let you know if there's any update in the upcoming days.


Thank you,

Team Publer 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions