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Become an Ambassador of Publer Nation

Jul 12th, 2017 Superpower, Howto, Facebook, Announcement


Refer Publer to your family, friends, colleagues or anyone on the Internet and get paid!


Update: Our Ambassador program is now exclusively only to our paying customers and to those free users we approve (contact us). We want people to refer Publer to their friends because they use and love it, not because they can get paid for doing so.


How It Works


Very simple! You go to Ambassadors Website, login with your Facebook and choose a unique username, something that your family, friends, colleagues or anyone on the Internet can identify you with. Keep in mind that you can set your username only once!



Once you set you username you can start sharing your unique registration link with anyone on the Internet. They have up to 30 days to sign up after clicking your link in order for you to get credit / earn a commission. More specifically:


  • You earn an 80% commission on the first monthly payment for each new paying customer that you bring.

  • You earn a 20% commission on the recurring monthly payments for each paying customer that you have brought.

  • BONUS: You earn a one-time $0.25 commission for each new legitimate user that signs up through your link, regardless if later on he makes a purchase or not.


HINT: Your commission rates might go up depending on your sales. The more paying customers you bring, the more you will get paid in the future. From time to time on our Ambassadors Facebook Group we will also post promotions and offer higher commission rates on certain days.



There's no need for you to remember your username. After setting it, you will be redirected to your Ambassadors Dashboard (shown above). There you will find all the tools you need, from the Share buttons with your unique registration link embedded in them to real-time reports of your earnings to marketing resources that will help you maximize your revenues.


Payouts are made via PayPal twice a month (on the 1st and on the 15th) to all Ambassadors that have a balance of at least $10. You will be able to enter your PayPal email address where you will receive the payments at the moment you signup. You can always change it at anytime from your Ambassador dashboard. To do so, click the ✏️ icon on the top right corner, enter your email and press submit as shown below.



You will notice a Pending Balance. That's because each earned commission is manually verified for its legitimacy. There's a 15 days approval wait time for commissions earned on free users and a 30 days approval wait time for commissions earned on paying users. You won't get the $0.25 commission if the user simply signups and never uses Publer or if the paying customer asks for a refund. Similarly you won't earn a commission for fake / duplicate accounts.





You don't necessarily have to share only the main link. You can share almost any link of the site as long as you add the /{YOUR_USERNAME} (case insensitive) at the end, for example:{YOUR_USERNAME}

This way you can share specific features of Publer that you think might have a higher conversion rate, while still being credited accordingly.


To make it even easier for you, most of the Share buttons throughout the site will have your unique username embedded in them once you sign up as an Ambassador. Make sure you're logged in and see the $ sign next to the Share buttons as shown below.


Don't simply share links. Try contacting businesses that might be interested directly. Visit forums and search for problems Publer is solving. If you're popular on Instagram, place your unique registration link on your bio as shown below.



If you have a blog or a website write an article about Publer. You can also use our banners, spots and video tutorials (check Marketing Resources section on the Ambassadors Dashboard)



Be creative and share with us on the Ambassadors Facebook Group what works better for you!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions