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Get more clicks on the Links you share on Facebook

Apr 9th, 2016 Superpower, Howto, Facebook, Announcement


Before being able to customize your links, you need to verify that you own them. Click to learn more.


Over the past month we focused on links. You share links on Facebook in order to drive traffic to your site, right? If that's so, Publer now offers all the possible tools that will help you maximize that traffic, including some "hacks" discussed at the end of this article.



Introducing Call-to-Action Buttons For Links


Similar to Videos, you can now add Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to the links you share to your Pages. According to AdRoll, CTA buttons increase click-through rate ... wait for it ... 2.85 times! That means if you get on average 1000 clicks per link, with CTA buttons you will get up to 2850 clicks per link.


These buttons appear on the bottom right corner and even though they mostly have a visual purpose, they're a great a way of letting the user know what to expect when clicking your link. Whether you are selling auto parts, encouraging app installs or driving brand awareness, there's a CTA that fits your objectives.



Unless you create a Facebook Ad, the only way to add CTA buttons to your links is using Publer. You can't do it from Facebook's UI, nor from any other third-party app that we know of. If you want to learn more about CTA buttons, we have covered them in more details in this other blog post.



Customize Links


Editing link details was one of the most requested feature/superpower. The wait is finally over. Publer now lets you edit the link title, description and caption (the domain of the link you're sharing). To edit them, simply click on them as shown below.


You can also change the thumbnail by either selecting another one from the site (if available) or by uploading your own. You can upload one from your local machine or directly from an external URL.


This works even when sharing a link to a GIF or to a video (YouTube). Users will see the thumbnail you select on the Newsfeed and once they click "Play", the media will start playing properly. Unlike Call-to-Action buttons that work only for Pages, customizing links works on every type of Facebook account (Profile, Group, Page, Event).



Facebook stories cannot be customized


Keep in mind that Facebook links/shares, due to their nature, cannot be customized. You also won't see a thumbnail preview.




No worries. They will look the way they're supposed to, once posted.






The ability to customize links gives you plenty of freedom and allows you to use your imagination. Don't like the default thumbnail? Easily upload a custom one that you think will perform better. The same thing applies to link details (title, description, caption).


We got to play a little bit with these superpowers and we noticed that if you blank out the link details and leave just the thumbnail and some text (so that it won't say XXX shared a link), when posted on Facebook it will look like a photo. Users most likely will click on it with the intention of enlarging the photo, but they will end up going to your site.


You can take it a little further and upload a thumbnail that has the "Play" icon, making the users think it's a video. It's a little dirty and non-ethical, so use this trick at your own risk. You might make some of your fans angry, or even lose them. Let us know in the comments what works best for you.



Other updates from this release


  • When uploading a photo to your albums, you can now choose to use the filename as the photo caption. Learn more.

  • Bug fixes and general improvements

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions