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Group the Accounts on your Dashboard

May 1st, 2016 Superpower, Howto, Facebook, Announcement


You can now select where you're posting to much faster, simply by grouping the Social Accounts on your Dashboard into groups that you get to create. Besides being able to select faster, this will also help you better coordinate your posts.


How to create a new Group


After you have selected the desired Accounts (at least two), click the New Group button that will appear on the upper left corner of your Dashboard. You will be asked to enter a name for your Group. Pick a name that better describes the selected Accounts, something that identifies them. For example, if you manage the Pages of several clients, you can create a group for each client.


We will make sure that the name you pick is unique. That's it. After you create your Group, clicking it will automatically select the Accounts in that Group as shown below. You can create as many Groups as you want and Accounts can be part of more than one Group


How to edit/delete a Group


Simply select the Group you want to edit or delete. You will see the edit icon next to the Group's name. If you want to simply update the name of the Group or delete it, click the edit icon right away, otherwise select or unselect the Accounts that you wish to add or remove from the Group. Once you have selected all the Accounts that you want to be in the Group you're editing, click the edit icon and update your Group. Check out the screencast below to see how easy it is to edit or delete Groups.


Since Groups allow you to automatically select multiple Accounts, don't forget to add a delay between posts to prevent being marked as a spammer. That's it. After selecting your Accounts post something right away or schedule it with Publer.





To make it even easier for you, we also added a "Select All" and "Clear" button on the right side.


Similarly you can use all these tools even when AutoSharing.





Update (9/12/2016) - Predefined delay option


When creating or updating Groups of Accounts, you now have the option to specify an individual predefined delay option. The selected delay will then be automatically applied each time you select that Group of Accounts. Click here to learn more about delays between posts.


Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions