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Important notice regarding Groups

Aug 1st, 2016 Facebook, Announcement


If you recall, on June 10th 2016 Publer was temporarily disabled by Facebook. Initially they said that the whole thing was a mistake by their automated systems. After we asked for more info they said that posts published by Publer were commonly marked as spam by other users.


We did some investigation and we noticed that posts to Groups were the ones that were hugely reported as spam by other users. Facebook kind of gave us a second chance and we cannot let this happen again. The easiest thing for us would be to discontinue supporting Facebook Groups, but considering that the majority of our users rely on this functionality, we don't want to/can't do that. Instead we decided to do something else.


In order to protect the main App, we decided to have two separate Apps. Publer, the main App, will be used to post to your Facebook Profile, Pages, and Events, while the HTC Sense App, which is somehow immune from being blocked by Facebook, will be used to post to your Facebook Groups. No worries. You won't notice a single difference when scheduling your posts. Both Apps will work together simultaneously.



The bad news is that before you can schedule anything for your Groups, there are some steps you need take in order to setup the HTC Sense App. A one-time thing that will only cost you a few seconds and that is explained in details here.


The good news is that since we're no longer using Publer to post to Groups, we have lifted the daily post limit (for Groups) for those that use Publer Aurum (the highest paid plan). YAY!



Notice: This is a short-term solution until Publer gets big enough. If we notice any issues, we will get rid of the HTC Sense App and go back to enforcing the daily post limit even for paying users.



How To Enable The HTC Sense App



Simply try to post/schedule something (even a status update) for one of your Groups or try to add another Group to your dashboard. If you haven't enabled the HTC Sense App, you will be asked and guided on how to do so.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions