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Meet Publer

Oct 13th, 2015 Facebook, Announcement


Publer is the Superhero of the Social Network World. He doesn't save lives like other Superheroes, but he will save you from the time you have to spend on Facebook. 





If you run a business Page, or if you're in charge of Facebook Groups and Events, read on. Don't you hate it that you have to spend hours on your Page(s) to post contents, to keep your fans updated?


You might have other stuff to do, you might not have internet, you might be on a vacation, you might just be tired, you might not afford to hire someone to manage your Page(s), but all these don't mean you should let your Page(s) suffer and lose their popularity.


It's time to ask Publer for help. He's a Superhero! He doesn't need a vacations, rest or internet! You simply tell him what, where and when to Post a Status Update, a Link or a Photo and you can sit back and relax. He will Publish your Posts for you on the Page(s) you selected and on the times you picked. It's that easy!


You will be able to Post/Schedule updates across Multiple Pages you Administer at once. You will be able to see, edit, copy and delete your scheduled posts using the Schedule Manager. Check out this video tutorial on how easy it is to use Publer. 




Publer also has some other Superpowers you will find useful. You can hook up your Bitly account with Publer and when you have AutoShortening-Urls turned on, all the links (whether they're part of the status update, photo description or the link itself) will be automatically shortened. You can then log in to Bitly and see how many clicks each link received. Soon insights from Bitly will be displayed inside Publer.


You can also post images from URLs. Why spend time (and computer space) with saving images to your computer just so you can upload them to Facebook?


You would like some specific posts to be published everyday, every Monday, or twice a day? With Publer Argentum you can easily set up Posts to be published at the times and days you select whether that's for every week, for one, two or more weeks.


Publer will soon come to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Let Publer help you. Save time, drive traffic, focus on your business.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions