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Publer coming for Twitter and LinkedIn

Mar 19th, 2018 Announcement


InstagramGoogle+ and Pinterest to follow next, with Instagram being our top priority.


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What To Expect


A completely new more modern look!!!


We decided to redesign Publer from scratch in order to eventually be able to support all major social networks. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to begin with and Instagram, Google+ & Pinterest to follow next.


Think of every social media management app combined into one simple, yet very powerful dashboard.



Better team collaborations


Specific roles & permissions for each member you assign to your team, including the ability to have their posts approved first before going out.



Better social account settings


Settings for each Social Account added to your dashboard will be much easier to navigate to & modify.



More Superpowers


Besides current (and improved) features, new ones are constantly being implemented.


Take a look at our feedback page. Now it's the perfect time to vote on existing ideas or submit new ones. Most of Publer's Superpowers are user-recommended to begin with.



Tentative Roadmap


  • 📅 1st week of April 2018: Closed Beta

    The new version (supporting Twitter & LinkedIn) will initially be available and optional only to the current paying customers. The best part is that all participants will be rewarded for being an early Beta tester (via refunds or FREE months) for as long as Publer is in Closed Beta (1-2 months).

    If you're thinking of upgrading, now it's the perfect time!!


  • 📅 1st week of May 2018: Open Beta

    The new version (supporting Twitter & LinkedIn) will be available and optional to everyone. Just like with the current version there will be 3 different and customizable plans, 1 free and 2 paid.
  • 📅 1st week of June 2018: Live

    Shut down the current version (v2) 😞 and migrate everyone to the new version (v3) 🤩



Frequently Asked Questions


Any missing features in Beta from the current version?

For the moment, the only missing functionality will be Reposts. We're reimplementing them from scratch, but they should be available for the Open Beta (May 1st 2018). If they're a must for your business, you can always use the current version for Reposts and the new version for everything else.


Will there be any price changes? 


Yes. The new version will have a different pricing schema for the paid plans and will most likely be more expensive. The good news is that existing paying customers (before the launch of the new version) won't be affected. Another reason to upgrade now!



When will Publer for Instagram be available?


We have everything ready (codewise), but we're waiting for Instagram to open their API to everyone. It's currently in closed beta with Instagram Partners and we don't have an ETA when it will be available to everyone.


Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions