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Schedule Facebook Photo Albums with Publer

Feb 18th, 2016 Superpower, Howto, Facebook


Scheduling Photo Albums with Publer is very easy. First you select the Social Accounts (Profile, Page or Group) where you want the Photo Album to be posted to (you can select more than one). Select the Photo Album Multi-Photo tab and either create a New Album by giving it a title and a description, or select an existing one (click here to learn more).


You can either upload photos from your device or from URLs. In both cases you can upload multiple Images at once. If you're uploading from your local machine, simply select more than one Image. If you're uploading from URLs simply enter an Image URL per line as shown below. Keep in mind that you can upload up to 49 photos per Album.


Once the Images have been uploaded, you can "play" with them. You can add a caption for each Image (optional). You can preview them by hovering over with your mouse. You can also remove the ones you don't like. Even though it's time consuming and extra work for Publer, you can also choose to set the order of the Images in your Album if the order of the Images is important. If you choose to do so, you can then reorder them simply by drag & dropping as shown below.


You can either Schedule your Album, or post it right away. Using the Schedule Manager you can review your Scheduled Album. Once you schedule your Photo Album, sit back and relax. It will be posted on the day and time you selected.


Update: (April 8th 2016) 

You can choose to use the filenames of the image files you're uploading as the captions for your photos. To do so, simply check the checkbox "Use filename as caption" before selecting your photos. Once the photos have been uploaded, you will see that the caption text areas will be prefilled with the respective filenames.


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