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You can now schedule multi-photo posts

Aug 25th, 2016 Superpower, Facebook, Announcement


Great news! After being able to schedule new Photo Albums as well as multiple photos to existing Albums, you can now schedule multi-photo posts with Publer.


This has been the most requested feature and we are beyond excited to let you know that scheduling multi-photo posts with Publer is now possible. Multi-photo posts are simply posts that have multiple photos in them. They're part of the Timeline / Wall photos. They are not separate Albums. Until today scheduling this kind of posts was only doable through Facebook's interface.



We made a few changes in order to accommodate this new Superpower. The tab that was once called "Album" is now called "Multi-Photo". This tab will be used for multi-photo posts, new albums as well as multiple photos to existing albums. If you think about it, multi-photo posts are simply multiple photos that go into the Timeline Photos album, which is basically an existing album. You can always switch between the existing album option (which is from now on selected by default) and the new album option as shown below.



How To Schedule Multi-Photo Posts


Scheduling multi-photo posts is really easy. Pick the Social Accounts (your Facebook Profile, Groups, Pages and/or Events) and click the Multi-Photo tab. Select the existing Album option and make sure the selected Album is Timeline Photos / Wall (the first option which is selected by default). Upload your photos either from your computer or from external URLs.


Besides captions for each individual photo, for multi-photo posts you can also write a description about these photos. Once the photos are uploaded simply Post, Schedule or AutoSchedule your post as shown below.


The "Say something about these photos ..." field will be ignored if the selected Album is not the Timeline Photos / Wall Album.



Will the order of the images be preserved in multi-photo posts

Unlike Albums where the order of the images cannot be guarenteed, the answer is yes! After selecting your photos, you can change their order and that will be the order they will be shown on the Social Account(s) that you selected. 



Does this come with the free version 

Unfortunately no. This Superpower comes only with Publer Aurum, but you can try it for free up to 10 times (we have reset the free trials for everyone).

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions